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Replacement Pump

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Did you dog chew your pump? Have you had your bottle for 3+ months and the top is no longer pumping effectively? We now offer replacement bottle pumps for purchase. 


If you have had your bottle for less than 90 days, please reach out to a AGAD team member. We will replace tops for 90 days from purchase dates. 


Common questions and misconceptions.

Good Ass Hair Day natural dry shampoo is a powder-based hair product made of natural ingredients. GAHD helps absorb excess oil and refreshes your hair without the need for water.

On average 3 months, with moderate daily use. Those who use more product during application will go through product more quickly.

We recommend that you avoid the extensions as much as possible as it can be drying for them.

Yes! Each refill back contains a bottle and half worth of product.

We utilize a powder spray bottle that “poofs” out our dry shampoo without propellants.

No, you apply GAHD to dry hair only. You may apply it to clean hair to prevent oil buildup, or after your hair is dirty.

We guarantee a minimum of 3 months of reliable use from your powder spray bottle. If your pump malfunctions during that time, please reach out to us. If it is outside of 90 days from your purchase date, we offer replacement pumps for purchase.